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You should never be ‘too busy’ for better software.

Decision-making dilemmas for purchasing software seem similar to those for many of life’s milestones. Should we buy this house now or wait for a better one and improved interest rates? Should we have the children now or wait until we’re more settled with less debt? Should we go on holiday this half term or wait […]

Gentoo Tolent Customer Care powered by clixifix® customer care, simplified software – Case Study.

How has clixifix® changed the way your team manage your Customer Care procedures at Gentoo Tolent? We are still a fairly new users of clixifix, but already we are seeing the benefits of managing defects through this system and what this is giving us in terms of efficiency, ease of use, live time operation and […]

Cameron Homes Customer Care powered by clixifix® Customer Care, simplified software.

1. How has clixifix changed the way your  team manage your Customer Care procedures at Cameron Homes? clixifix has drastically changed the way Cameron Homes manage the customer care procedures, beforehand everything was monitored by paper and the ‘old fashioned way’ but now we have clixifix it allows people to be confident in technology. We […]

London Square Customer Care powered by clixifix® Customer Care, simplified.

”We decided as a team to use this system after looking at various options, we had a demonstration and the system looked very up to date and user friendly, after having the free trial it confirmed what we thought and we decided to go live with it. It captures all our needs in one place […]

clixifix® Housing Associations (the clients) feedback.

clixifix® defect and repair resolution software was developed to take the headache out of Customer Care for housebuilders by putting all reported defects and repairs in a single place, enabling their team (as the Principal Contractors) and their Registered Provider (Housing Association) Partners to manage them together from one secure shared application. For many Housebuilders […]

Galliford Try North East clixifix® Testimonial.

Most software that is used for Customer Service is cobbled from and Accounting or Purchasing Package and is difficult to use as the required features to do the job effectively just aren’t there. With clixifix you don’t have this problem. It is designed solely for the purpose of looking after your Customer, engaging contractors to […]

Gus Robinson Developments clixifix® Testimonial

We wanted to improve our customer care approach at Gus Robinsons, but we were concerned about the costs of Construction Software ..when we were introduced to clixifix, the cost was not the biggest consideration. Gus Robinson Developments has built a reputation of delivering projects of exceptional quality and value for money by ensuring we keep […]

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