5 ways clixifix® is empowering construction companies & property managers to deliver efficient defect management & repair services

With sites and projects reopening daily & a phased return for construction employees well and truly in motion, June is certainly a positive month for our industry!

Do you have the tools fluid enough to successfully aid your workforce through the transition to the “new normal”? Will there be a disconnect between your office & site teams if some employees remain working from home? Have you lost valuable contact with your key stakeholders?

clixifix® is delighted to have been helping over 60,000 construction professionals meet & exceed the demands of remote working, whilst aiding them to keep important stakeholders like clients, residents & colleagues informed throughout our lockdown, and here’s how…

1 – Consistency

clixifix® has remained a consistent cloud-based solution for construction professionals to maintain quality communication between teams, employees & stakeholders.

Our users have been able to remotely access clixifix® whilst home working from any device, to ensure their systems & processes remain the same throughout challenging working environments. This means that even with a global pandemic, our users have been able to resolve reported defects & repairs with no interruption to their service. (FYI clixifix® has helped to resolve over 1 million defects & Repairs in the last 3 years)

And to help rid our stakeholders of nervousness surrounding continued construction, our platform has continued to be a free and accessible source of vital updates for residents & clients on over 200,000 properties & projects. Having a place to go to stay in touch with the people you trust to build and care for your new home or project, has provided that much needed security and consistency in these uncertain times.


2 – Collaboration

We’ve all experienced the difficulties of late, where we cannot be in the same room or have face to face conversations with others. During this period, having access to a remote set of data so you can do your job successfully has been invaluable.

Our users, whether they be subcontractors, homeowners, construction operatives or customer care teams all have one thing in common… the ability to access the valuable information that is important to them. With a dedicated “me” area, they can collaborate between one another to continue to resolve construction defects, whilst automatically updating everyone involved.

Live audit trails that can auto-populate from email responses, have ensured our users are fully up to date whether they have been working throughout the last 10 weeks, or just returning from furlough.


3 – Transparency – One version of the truth

Office closures have played a big part in identifying the flaws of traditional methods when resolving aftercare issues. We can’t all huddle around the office computer to look at an update on our license-based system, or pick up the phone to update all of our clients & residents individually with limited staffing…

A shared database of knowledge is the only reasonable way for everyone to stay involved, add in the ability to update relevant parties automatically, and we have a system which is fluid enough to facilitate the “new normal”.

With dedicated portals for each stakeholder, clixifix® has seen over 750,000 images and documents shared back and forth between stakeholders to date. Having the ability to access and contribute to the important details about their real-life situations, without putting any pressure on the already limited workforce.

Furloughed workers have also relied on these levels of transparency, to get up to speed with what they’ve missed during the lockdown period. This has meant less time spent on meetings & phone calls to get updated, and more time spent on construction related activity for a seamless return to work.


4 – Digitisation

For some, construction site teams have remained key workers throughout the last 10 weeks, focusing on continuing to build important facilities to the best of their resources.

Having the ability to digitise signatures, complete quality checks, create bespoke documents & capture live imagery has been paramount to our users on the ground, who rely on these resources to do their job efficiently without being weighed down by the time constraints & admin burden of paper trails.

These digital documents have been accessed by those who need to intervene quickly & efficiently, meaning more time could be spent on site.

Efficiency is being able to see the status of their schemes & projects at a glance, from what’s been signed off & what’s new, to what needs the most urgent attention, all from one single digital source, consumable via the phone in their back pocket or their laptop at home.

We’re delighted that the clixifix® platform has provided much needed digital support to those who have continued to work on site throughout our lockdown.


5 – The Customer Journey

For the clients & customers of construction, recent events have quite rightly brought nervousness & uncertainty. But our users have done a fantastic job of combating this with bespoke and tailored customer journeys.

Having the ability to view dedicated milestones for each consumer, look through historical data, and deliver a consistent journey no matter the circumstance, has been a positive addition to our construction professionals who have taken on dual responsibilities in recent times.

clixifix® is also proud to facilitate integrations with other software products, to make working within construction even more seamless. We are continuing to connect sales & aftercare teams with integrations to CRM’s like Salesforce & Contact Builder, so that there is no break in the journey for residents or clients investing in a new home or project. This has helped thousands of people feel more comfortable purchasing in today’s climate, meaning our beloved construction industry could continue.


How is your construction business adjusting to the ‘new normal’? If you’re struggling to adapt your existing methods to meet the challenges of today, we’re here to help.

Many construction professionals have turned to us to help them achieve 5* star customer service, and even more importantly, maintain this throughout these uncertain times.

clixifix® was made for teams like you. Designed to be simple to use, powerful in production, and endlessly scalable. Once implemented, you can get going straight away. Instantly begin creating tickets, delegating jobs and collaborating with stakeholders.

Contact our experts at www.clixifix.com today.


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