Coronavirus (Covid-19) & clixifix®.

As a trusted provider of business-critical information here at clixifix® customer care software, I would like to share an update on our business continuity plans.

These plans are to ensure that our services aren’t impacted by the current Coronavirus outbreak. We have processes in place to manage any potential disruption, including contingencies for our team, workplaces, technology and support.

We do not anticipate any disruption to service levels related to Coronavirus.

Our technology platforms have high availability levels and are resilient to most forms of interruption. All our technology partners have outlined detailed measures to ensure the availability and reliability of all platforms, forming a key part of both our procurement process and the ongoing management of our key operating systems. We are actively monitoring global developments and are confident that we can withstand any widespread global impact, even in the most challenging scenarios.

clixifix® fully embraces flexible and remote working. Any closure of workplaces will mean that we remain fully operational.

• All our team members have the ability to access key information remotely via a secured network and can work from home or an alternative location, should this be required;

• All team members have access to mobile phones and WIFI to ensure contact is readily available when working remotely;

• All team members are taking laptops home each day to ensure that, if required, we can work remotely at short notice;

• We are evaluating all travel and event attendance over coming weeks to assess any potential risks and are postponing any non-essential trips.

Where possible, we are arranging meetings via Zoom / Skype, to facilitate social distancing;

• It goes without saying that we’ve given our team advice on how to protect themselves through good hygiene;

If you have any specific concerns around service continuity or would like to understand how this will fit with your own contingency plans, please get in touch with us.

Please be assured, we will be ready to take further action in accordance with any change in the UK risk level.

As always, if you have any additional questions please contact us via

Best Wishes.

James Farrell CEO.

clixifix® customer care simplified software.

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