Too busy to improve?

That old chestnut!

Whether it be an Excel spreadsheet, pen and paper or emails and calls, the UK construction sector is notoriously resistant to change. In order to keep up with competitors, it is more important than ever to ensure you are using up-to-date systems.

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We are in an era of uncertainty, with Brexit at the forefront of many business owner’s minds, it is vital the industry takes a proactive approach to streamlining processes to ensure quality and effectiveness. What that means, however, is the notion of change to be discussed with key stakeholders, enabling collaborative working with a client-focused ethos. If a company places the client at the forefront of their minds when creating strategies to change, it will intrinsically drive improvements.

Innovation and improvement go hand in hand, whether that be through streamlining your process, facilitating collaboration with stakeholders, or enhancing the customer experience – there are many ways in which you can ensure you keep up the pace with your peers.

So why are many companies resistant to change?

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  • Too busy – As software providers, we get this all the time; “I’m interested, but I don’t have time”. Whilst it’s a good indicator of a profitable business, it can raise concerns about resources if your team are “too busy” to action something that will help streamline processes. Arguably, it can also be a catalyst to poor performance, burnt out employees and ultimately, a poor quality product.
  • Micro-managing senior team – Another classic stumbling block to change. You have a great idea, you find the right product.. BUT.. you run it past your senior team and the ball stops rolling.
  • Investment – Surprisingly, many companies think of “innovation” as costing a small fortune, requiring massive investment. Equally, if a business has already invested a great deal into a system, that perhaps, isn’t working for them, often there will be resistance to explore alternatives until licences expire. Fear of losing money can potentially be the biggest stumbling block to change.

So what should I do?

If the aforementioned sounds like your company, don’t worry, it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. But now you are aware of your situation, what you do next is key!

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Reflection is so important in business; whether that be self-reflection, or on a wider scale in terms of operational/organisational reflection. Imagine you are an outsider looking into your business, what would you advise?

What is and what isn’t working?

Having a team brainstorming session whereby you create a list of ‘pain points’, potentially hindering the growth of your business, is a really effective way to identify where the root issue is.

Once a list has been formed, delegate items to your team. Remember, never overwhelm yourself with all of the responsibility. There is no ‘I’ in team!

Coming together to form an action plan on how to overcome these potential hurdles will identify clear strategies to change, preventing you from ever needing to say “I’m too busy to change” again.

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