clixifix® software makes Evolve its new home…

A COMPANY revolutionising the way the housebuilding and construction industry handles customer aftercare, has set up its new HQ in Sunderland.

Specialists in the housing and construction sector; clixifix® has developed a holistic web-based defect and repair platform enabling the whole construction delivery team to collaborate on snagging, reported defects, customer queries and aftercare conversations.

clixifix® was born out of a North East construction firm, Partner Construction in 2012, with just one employee. Since then, the company has grown exponentially, with many leading new build developers and construction companies successfully implementing the platform.

The firm, which employs 10 people and plans to recruit a further five, recently moved into new offices at the Evolve Business Centre at Rainton Bridge.

James Farrell, Co-Founder and Managing Director, said: “We are so excited to have our base in Sunderland, the home of so many exciting new software and tech start-ups.

“Evolve Business Centre has it all; the location is perfect and its reputation as a place for nurturing innovation grows by the day.”

“I studied in Sunderland and I live in Sunderland, so it’s fantastic to have our HQ in a city which has already given me so much.”


The company’s focus is very much on innovation and growth, with an ever-expanding wish list of features and services for clients old and new.

“We have so many ideas, the challenge we are facing currently is which idea to focus on first! With such a great team, I know we can deliver, it’s a really exciting phase for all of us here at clixifix®,” added James.

Many housebuilders and construction companies are habitually using on-premise complex, ineffective and expensive software to handle their aftercare as an afterthought. With clixifix® addressed a unique requirement within the sector for a platform purely designed to manage defects and the aftercare process.

The goal for the company is to improve communication across the board; team members and sub-contractors receive notifications in real-time, ensuring effective collaboration between all parties.

The platform allows house builders and construction companies to assign defects not only internally but externally to their contractors. This provides aftercare teams a means for tracking defects more readily, resulting in better communication, streamlined processes and accurate reporting data.

James said: “Having the ability to monitor KPIs accurately has always been an issue in the industry, now all of that data is compiled in real-time, ensuring efficiency.”

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Sunderland City Council Chief Executive, Patrick Melia, said: “clixifix® has harnessed technology to overcome an issue that has existed for as long as houses have been built and I’d like to welcome such an innovative company to Sunderland”.

“Under the experienced stewardship of James and the ground-breaking hard work of his team, the firm is already making waves across the housebuilding industry as its reputation grows and long may that continue.”


About clixifix®

clixifix® is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that allows house builders and Commercial Contractors to manager their customer care operations. The platform tracks defects and repairs in new homes and commercial buildings, from initial defect report through to resolution.

Customer Care users can use the platform to assign repairs and defects to contractors and communicate with homeowners and clients through an online portal.

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