Think your Subbies won’t buy-in to using defect management software…..?


In all honesty, this is more than likely the most common concern of anyone looking to on-board with us, or is the biggest singular barrier in the way of people wanting to take the step towards introducing a new defect management system that loops in the subbies out onsite.

Our response….. you might just find you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it actually is. Change is daunting for us all but it’s easy to let our own assumptions get in the way of trying something new. In our experience, the subbies are happy to get a system that is completely free to them and provides a dashboard to more easily manage the jobs they receive.

A little engagement to show them the ropes is all that is usually needed and our current and prospective customers have fed back a trend on the contractors actively using clixifix tend to be their stronger performers.


Regal (large scale mechanical and electrical contractors) have been using clixifix as a Sub-Contractor for a couple of years now and have said they ‘can’t even remember what we did before clixifix®.

Of course, when a new system comes, we were a bit put out but I think any change is like that. We adapted quick and it’s easy to use so didn’t take long to get up and running. clixifix®. keeps everything in one place, much easier than trying to keep up with different messages all coming through email in different formats sometimes with key people missed out meaning the whole process takes longer.

clixifix® loop in all who need the updates meaning everyone is informed. Everyone can see what has happened really easily without having to hunt through to link all messages together’.

It’s important to look at the positives for the Subbies, we know that they often talk about their frustrations around the wrong jobs being sent to them, being chased with phone calls for updates, having to spend time on the phone updating on jobs or calling into the office to hand over signed job sheets or other supporting paperwork.

Lack of communication on what is expected, clear deadlines and clarity on appointments are also common areas of feedback from subbies we speak to.

Regal also updated the following once they had been introduced to clixifix:

‘The system is very easy to use and quick to update. It shows everyone involved that we’re doing something, I’ll look at the list of jobs every day, check for recent updates and any jobs in need of an update. Always leave comments to show progress which covers my back, it’s much easier than the other jobs we get through on email as it saves sending loads of emails back and forward. clixifix keeps everything in one place. The digital signatures add an official note with a final sign off against our maintenance work and we can add any photos or reports on the jobs we have done to the ticket to back up our work’.

Our customers see cost, time, efficiency savings, improvements to their customer journey and more successful relationships with clients and contractors.


Another of our Subbies (Decca Code Handyman Services) said ‘I used to have to head onsite onto the job, had to speak to the Subbies to verbally tell them the detail of the job. On a bigger job, in the past, I would have needed to go out and do a risk assessment and get a sign off on statement of intent and the job instruction PDF saves me from having to do that.

More efficient for me as the ticket being raised and sent to me saves me from having to write up the job or hand it over verbally onsite. I also get better cover for me on completion of job now that I know I can add the photos I take to the tickets. Saves me time on Health and Safety (on the risk assessments and statement of intent as the statement can be included on the job sheet before it’s sent to me)

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 15.22.55

I use a tablet to view and update the tickets and always take photos for my own records so the ability to add photos to tickets to show completion of my work, helps to cover us and stop repeat jobs’.

Why not get in touch and see how clixifix® can help your business achieve its customer care goals.

If you have any questions or would like to see the platform in action please feel free to contact our team on 01388 824 958 or submit a demo request via

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