We are delighted that Jehu Group are implementing clixifix® Customer Care, simplified software.

The Jehu Group is a third generation family owned business with over 80 years of successful trading history.

They mange their operations on a day-to-day basis through three trading subsidiaries. Each subsidiary is supported by Jehu Group Limited which provides finance, HR, technical and procurement functions.

clixifix® is an intuitive defect and repair resolution application that will deliver lower costs and high customer satisfaction.

In all of markets, Jehu position themselves as a dynamic and bespoke alternative to national contractors and house builders and are proud of their strong reputation in the market place.


The three wholly owned subsidiaries are:

1. Jehu Project Services provides a broad range of commercial construction services typically working on 10-15 projects at any one time. Working primarily in the social housing sector, Jehu Project Services specialises in building new affordable homes.

2. Waterstone Homes is a boutique house builder developing executive family homes, as well as affordable homes built under s106 agreements with local authorities.

Waterstone Homes also develops package deals for registered social landlords sourcing land as an integral part of turnkey design and build opportunities.

3. Waterstone Estates is uniquely positioned to offer the combined Developer and Contractor role for commercial development which is very competitive and attractive to tenants. Specialising in smaller scale, commercial property, usually pre-let, either on behalf of investors or direct for clients own use.


Waterstone Homes is renowned for creating homes of distinction in desirable locations across South and West Wales.

Their collection of homes combines traditional detailing with contemporary design, to suit the lifestyle of today.

They encourage and engage with their clients and consider many aspects, making Waterstone Homes the number one choice in the property market. They work closely with innovative architects and skilled craftsmen to create individual new homes built for their customers and the result is stunning.


Interested in learning how clixifix® can help your business achieve its customer care goals? Please feel free to visit our website here.

Our platform is available to Housebuilders and commercial contractors on a no-obligation, free 30 day trial basis.

If you have any questions or would like to see the platform in action please feel free to contact our team on 01388 824 958 or submit a demo request via

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