Kendrick Homes and clixifix® Customer Care, simplified software.

We are thrilled that Kendrick Homes are implementing clixifix® Customer Care, simplified software.


Kendrick Homes is a family run business which still has a direct descendent of William Kendrick at the helm of the organisation.

Started around 1880, William Kendrick created the company that today, as then, holds a reputation for delivering a high quality service.

Within 20 years the company had developed from a sole trader venture into a partnership of William Kendrick Senior and William Kendrick Junior.

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Having earned themselves a reputation as quality craftsman throughout the region, the business was formally registered in 1927 as William Kendrick and Sons Limited, their parent company.

As a family run business they pride themselves on delivering a quality service and have taken the utmost care to instil this philosophy throughout their company.

Every member of their team, their sub-contractors and supply chain members understand that, to them, customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of their work.


With over 130 years in business, the work produced by the group is still prominent throughout the skyline of the West Midlands Region.

Interested in learning how clixifix® can help your business achieve its customer care goals? Please feel free to visit our website here.

Our platform is available to Housebuilders and commercial contractors on a no-obligation, free 30 day trial basis.

If you have any questions or would like to see the platform in action please feel free to contact our team on 01388 824 958 or submit a demo request via

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