What was the problem you were experiencing prior to implementing clixifix?

From past experience, the main issue was a lack of communications in one central system. I now have all of the info in one place, any communications between ourselves and the resident is immediately in one place for reference.

How much more efficient would you say your defect management process now that you are using clixifix?

Tenfold really, it helps having everything there in front of you at a click of a button. I can immediately see what has and hasn’t been done in one click.

What would you say your top 3 features are?

  1. Definitely user friendly
  2. – One centralised system
  3. – Better communication with the residents

Sail Street-53

What is the biggest benefit to you at Pocket now that you are using clixifix to manage customer care?

For me personally, it is the reporting side of things, at the click of a button I can see any trends with the contractors and any defects reappearing. I also have the raw data to back up any problem needing to be addressed.

The data also supports anyone looking to step in and support in my absence when on annual leave as they can see what has already been done to assist and carry on from there.

How much time do you save per week and/or month on compiling reporting for your superiors/peers/clients now that you have the reporting suite on clixifix?

Pulling together reporting and data is very simple now, I can have all of the information I need in a very short space of time. Prior to using clixifix, it used to take a full day to compile manually. I’d be very pressed for time if I was to try and do this without the system considering the demands on my time.


How much time would it have taken you to compile a complete history in readiness for a customer complaint resolution prior to using clixifix?

I can intercept any customer complaint wherever I am which is important working on my own. Historically, I would have had to wait until I was back in the office which delays the initial response. I can review all of the information when I am out of the office which means I can start to handle and resolve the issue much quicker.


How has the collaboration with your home owners / residents / sub-contractors / clients improved?

It depends on the Contractors to be honest (Vision Modular are great), others who are not so IT technical are a bit slower to adjust. On a whole it has improved after the education has landed with the companies not particularly technology driven.

Our Citymakers (home owners) love the idea of the online system, they don’t need a lot of intervention and pick up the system very quickly for communication with us.

How much time did you previously spend per day or week chasing Sub-Contractors over the phone and how has this changed since using clixifix?

This has been considerably reduced, it’s a big improvement with the larger contractors as we don’t really need to do much at all.

In what way do you think your home owners/residents/clients have felt a positive benefit from the system being implemented?

Speed of response, consistency and better communication. I can even respond when I’m on the train on the way to and from developments.


How have you found the support from the team at clixifix throughout your time as a customer?

Very good, very fast to respond to a query or question. The team are also very open and accessible for talks around development or assistance with system use.

How has the information available through the reporting suite on contractor performance and defect trends analysis supported your business?

Different trends and patterns are very clear to see through the reporting suite. It adds weight to my argument on performance related conversations with tangible information – the facts speak for themselves.

On a scale of 1-10, how likely would you be to recommend clixifix to another house builder?

9.5 😊 (development request for automated responses to City makers would go a long way in converting this to a 10 out of 10)


Sail Street-58

Anything else you would like to add?

If someone externally did ask me for info on Clixifix, I would highly recommend your service and aftercare system to other companies.

Terry Raymond

Customer Experience Executive

Pocket Living

14 Floral Street

London WC2E 9DH

d     020 3713 9271

f      020 7580 5422

w    www.pocketliving.com















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