Are your Customer Care team members using the best tools for the job?

In the Digital Age, where people’s opinions reach far and wide, consumers are far more empowered than ever before.  A bad experience can be posted, screenshotted, tweeted, and shared to an enormous audience with the press of a few buttons.  How is a Customer Care team expected to provide positive experience and exceptional levels of service if they don’t have similar access to the benefits of technology?

More and more construction businesses are turning to technology to assist in delivering exceptional customer experiences and are investing in tools to help their Customer Service teams ensure that consumers are making a good decision.  Providing an exceptional customer experience is sound business when you consider that consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising.

So what tools can you provide your Customer Care team to ensure they’re at the top of their game?  We’ve compiled a short list of some things you should consider.

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  1. Self Service Sites / Discussion Forums

Having a branded support site or discussion forum dedicated to your customers is important as it allows your customers to ask others about their experiences, get advice on how to effectively use your product or service, or explore a knowledge base to find their own solution.  This is beneficial as there’s often a belief among consumers that support teams exist as a way to upsell or cross sell as opposed to actually fixing issues.  Providing consumers with an alternative to speaking to a company representative can reduce customer anxiety too.

  1. Help ticket system

A help ticketing system provides your customers with quick, accurate answers to their problems in an efficient manner.  Such a system can also track a customer issue from start to finish, providing valuable insight into the performance of the customer care team as well as highlighting common issues or recurring complaints.  This data can then be used to address the cause of the aforementioned issues further reducing customer complaints.

  1. Social Media

Having a wide Social Media network is essential for businesses of any size. The ability for customers to contact your business via multiple channels is very important.  Having said that, it’s critically important for you to monitor your channels and respond to customers promptly.  Timely responses to customer care issues are far more likely to result in a positive outcome for both parties.

  1. Live Chat

As more and more people turn online for purchases, it’s harder to influence a purchase decision.  You wouldn’t have a store with no staff to answer customer questions or offer advice as to the right product / service for them.  So why don’t you have the same thing on your website?  A live chat function enables you to influence potential customers while at the same time, handle customer complaints in a private environment.  This reduces the chances of negative press from bad experiences being shared to a wide audience across social media channels.


Whether you choose to dive in and implement all of the above or even just a couple, we’re confident that you’ll see improved results.  Giving your team the right tools to provide an exceptional customer experience will increase the chance that these customers become some of your strongest advocates, sending new business your way via word of mouth referrals.

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