Reducing your reliance on paper

Paper usage in business is becoming a significant issue in today’s climate of Environmental Sustainability.  Research shows that a typical business needs somewhere around 130 filing cabinets in order to store its documents, which take up almost 6000m2 of office space on average.  A single tree produces 80,500 sheets of paper. Our data shows that a typical business would fill its filing cabinets with approximately 1.3 million pieces of paper. This works out as 16 trees per office.  The cost implications to businesses are high, both in terms of monetary value and business efficiency, but what many people fail to consider is the cost to the environment.

Paper product manufacturing contributes significantly to deforestation, man-made climate change, and produces greenhouse gases. According to the American Forest & Paper Association, paper manufacturing is the third largest user of fossil fuels worldwide.  Paper consumption and use is a large-scale environmental issue that needs to be tackled by entire industries, not just individual companies.


However, individual companies can force change by developing reasonable alternatives to paper, creating alternative ways of doing business.  At clixifix®, we are taking strides in the right direction by digitising many of the processes that are currently in place with a particular focus on Construction.  By digitising inspection lists, defect reports and other assorted construction specific documentation and storing it in an easy to access portal, clixifix® is helping some of the UK’s leading Housebuilders and Commercial Contractors move towards a paperless office.

By grouping all comments and documentation regarding a defect or repair from your team, clients, or your contractors in an online platform, a Principal Contractor can review and edit documents without a single page of paper being used.

Everything in clixifix® is time and date stamped and includes digital signature capability so that jobs can be signed off without reliance on paper. Whenever something is added, deleted or updated, it is entirely traceable.  clixifix® also allows you to upload photos and videos to tickets and inspection lists allowing for more efficient defect categorisation and reduced confusion for all involved.

Whilst our primary objective is to help Construction Companies manage their aftercare more effectively, we’re passionate about the environment and the impact our actions have on it.  Every little bit helps and digitising some of your processes can have many more benefits than the environmental impact.

To find out more about the benefits of the clixifix® Customer Care platform, watch our introductory video below, check out our website, or speak with one of our expert consultants on 01388 824958.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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