LNT Construction & clixifix® – Customer Care, simplified.

We’re delighted to welcome LNT Construction to clixifix®!

The LNT Group is a fast growing group of companies owned by serial entrepreneur, Lawrence Tomlinson. Based in Yorkshire, the LNT Group encompasses businesses across a range of diverse sectors employing over 1,000 people. Despite their size, they’ve kept that friendly, family-business feel.

LNT Construction adhere to 3 core principles; quality, value, and innovation.  This is demonstrated not only in their developments, but in the way they look after their customers too. We’re delighted that LNT see clixifix® as a beneficial tool in delivering on the aforementioned principles as they are worthy philosophies that we strive to meet as well.

With 15 developments already complete, 10 currently under construction and a further 14 coming soon, LNT have established themselves as market leaders in the development aged care communities.

We look forward to helping LNT Group provide the highest level of care for their customers and wish them every success moving forward.

clixifix® is available to trial for free! Why not see how the clixifix® platform can help your Customer Care team reach their service goals here.

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