Why Sub-Contractors love clixifix® with Decca’s Handyman Services

Decca Code of Decca’s Handyman Services has been using the clixifix® Customer Care platform for over a year now… We caught up with him to talk about his experience with the platform and why he continues to use it on a daily basis.

Did you have initial reservations about using clixifix® and if so, what were they?

No, not at all, was introduced by Ashleigh at GentooTolent over the phone before she sent everything over for me and it was really easy to get logged in. Very easy to use, you don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to use it.


What was your actual experience of using clixifix®?

Easier for me, I just allocate the jobs and pass them on to my Subbies. Saves me from having to write up the jobs for the tickets and then get them to the team.


What were you using/ what was your process of managing jobs before clixifix®?

I used to have to head onsite onto the job, had to speak to the Subbies to verbally tell them the detail of the job. On a bigger job, in the past, I would have needed to go out and do a risk assessment and get a sign off on statement of intent and the job instruction PDF saves me from having to do that.


How has clixifix® helped you (and your team)?

More efficient for me as the ticket being raised and sent to me saves me from having to write up the job or hand it over verbally onsite.  I also get better cover for me on completion of job now that I know I can add the photos I take to the tickets. Saves me time on Health and Safety (on the risk assessments and statement of intent as the statement can be included on the job sheet before it’s sent to me)


How does clixifix® help you protect yourself (and the business)?

I use a tablet to view and update the tickets and always take photos for my own records so the ability to add photos to tickets to show completion of my work, helps to cover us and stop repeat jobs.


Is there anything else you would like to add about clixifix®?

It’s a really good piece of kit, I know one or two people who come up with ideas for software and they agree that it’s a great bit of kit.

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