Oakford Homes powered by clixifix® customer care, simplified software – Case Study.


Oakford Homes are a highly dedicated team of property professionals, with a combined industry experience of over 100 years. Their long-term commitment, together with their uncompromising build quality, attention to detail and exemplary customer service, is what sets them apart from other house-builders.

They are proud of their homes and passionate about creating something special. They build exclusive homes of exceptional character and quality in aspirational locations. Their standards of excellence are upheld in every aspect of their business in order to produce homes which are unique, with innovative design and an impeccable finish.

At Oakford Homes, they devote extensive time and care to every home they build. Sourcing quality materials together with meticulous craftsmanship allows them to create new homes, that are built to an exceptionally high standard that blend sympathetically with the local vernacular.

As an A1 NHBC registered housebuilder, each Oakford home is built in accordance with NHBC standards and has a 10-year structural warranty giving our purchasers peace of mind.

How has clixifix changed the way your team manage your Customer Care procedures at Oakford Homes?

clixifix has changed the way we manage our Customer Care Procedures as it enables us to send reported defects direct to our Site Teams and Sub Contractors on one system, and then monitor them through to completion.

 What were you using to manage the communication and process prior to clixifix?

Prior to clixifix we managed by using Word Documents/Spreadsheets/E mail and telephone calls.

Was there a particular issue (es) with this approach?

Previously managing each development in numerous documents was time consuming.

What are your favourite features with clixifix? 

clixifix is extremely user friendly and is clear to see outstanding defects, the great thing about clixifix is you don’t need to be office based to use it, it can be accessed on your phone/i pad.

Would you recommend clixifix and why?

I would recommend clixifix as it is user friendly, it enables defects to be reported quickly to our Sub Contractors, they can then be monitored for response times and completion of works. The system allows us to analyse trends on either products or installations, which is beneficial to reduce further issues.

Val Austen – Aftercare. Oakford Homes


clixifix® is software for better Customer Care.

Watch our overview video (Trust us, it’s worth it)

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