Managing your Customer Care Approach: Spreadsheets vs The Cloud


If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you or someone you know works in Customer Care in the Building and Construction industries.  If that’s the case, it’s almost certain that Excel spreadsheets are a large part of their or your daily routine.  Is this the best strategy though?  We investigate the benefits of using a cloud-based system as opposed to an offline spreadsheet.


Dynamic Documents that can be edited by the whole team

At some point in your Customer Care career, you’ve probably had to deal with a Customer Care Master File.  One central spreadsheet that tracks all your active plots and plots in warranty including sub-contractor comments, defect notices and homeowner contact records.  But what happens if 2 people need to edit the document at the same time?  Can you be sure that both team member’s edits will be saved?  The answer is no.

With a cloud based, SaaS system multiple team members can make changes and updates to your Customer Care documents without having to make sure that they’re using the most up to date version.  These changes are saved and available for review in real time by any team member.


Documents are securely stored off site, reducing risk

With an on premise solution, you run the risk of losing any data you may have if the computer it’s stored on is compromised for any reason.  This could be anything from the computer being infected with a virus to something as simple as a spilled cup of tea.  A loss like this can lead to hours if not days of lost productivity whilst the system is re-booted.

In a cloud based system, your data is regularly backed up and saved externally in a secure data centre meaning that your data is always safe and can be accessed by your team at any time at any location with an internet connection.


Reporting is a breeze

Extracting relevant data and compiling a comprehensive Customer Care report can take hours if not days to compile.   This also relies heavily on the operator having an advanced knowledge of Excel formulae and data visualisation techniques.  Should this operator not be at work for whatever reason (be it annual leave or illness etc.) your business has lost even more productivity.

Most cloud based systems will be able to generate in-depth reports based off of your data at the push of a button.  They will even allow you to export said reports in multiple formats making it as easy as possible for you to circulate these reports to your team and management.  Automating the reporting process also facilitates a significant increase in consistency, ensuring all of your Customer Care reports appear in the same format allowing for the relevant information to be consumed in a simple and easy manner.


Conclusion: It’s the cloud with a K.O!



Not only do cloud-based solutions offer all of the aforementioned benefits, they often offer an increased level of functionality specifically designed to make your job easier.

For more information about how a clixifix® cloud based solution can benefit you, please feel free to get in touch with us.  Cloud based solutions are often very affordable and can increase your productivity exponentially.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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