How has clixifix® changed the way your team manage your Customer Care procedures at Hadden Construction?

clixifix® has helped us change the way we manage our Maintenance Department, by reducing a lot of time processing and inputting defects received, as well as assisting us in showing a more professional approach to dealing with Maintenance with our Clients.

What were you using to manage the communication and process prior to clixifix® ?

Prior to the install of clixifix®, our process of managing our defects was through receiving phone calls and emails from clients and inputting the information on to a spreadsheet (Tracker system).

Was there a particular issue with this approach?

This approach was time consuming and was difficult to produce reports etc.

What are your favourite features with clixifix®?

clixifix® has many key features, our favourites are; the reporting facility, professional layout and approach to managing defects and the user friendly, efficient creation of defect / ticket facility.

Would you recommend clixifix and why?

I would recommend clixifix® as it’s a professional and user friendly approach to managing Customer Care.

Anything else you would like to add?

To conclude, the help and support from the clixifix® team is efficient with a quick response to queries and clear break down in resolving each issue.

Stephen Lynas FRIAS RIBA.  Business Development Director.




Hadden Construction Limited 

1 Maidenplain Place, Aberuthven, Perthshire, PH3 1EL



clixifix® is software for better Customer Care.

What are you waiting for?
Start your clixifix® Free Trial by clicking the link here.
No Credit card or bank details required – 1 month completely free to test out clixifix® across your chosen market sectors.

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