Cameron Homes Customer Care powered by clixifix® Customer Care, simplified software.

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1. How has clixifix changed the way your  team manage your Customer Care procedures at Cameron Homes?

clixifix has drastically changed the way Cameron Homes manage the customer care procedures, beforehand everything was monitored by paper and the ‘old fashioned way’ but now we have clixifix it allows people to be confident in technology. We use the system for 90% of our customer care, any problems reported via email or phone calls will be logged straight on the system, the beauty of this is, it is there for life, as paper has the tendency to be misplaced. The fact it allows you to write anything on there, really helps when it comes to providing evidence, remembering conversations or note taking.

2. What were you using to manage the communication and process prior to clixifix?

Prior to clixifix, we use phone calls and emails the most to manage our communication, these are effective, however we log everything onto the clixifix system, which allows us to follow up conversations/nominations quite easily, the feature where contractor can accept also allows us to know they are aware of the problems, this saves emailing and phoning to chase up the outstanding, and comments between one another can also be made too, if the contractor hasn’t accepted this would then result in sending the nominations again and maybe follow up with a phone call/email.

3. Was there a particular issue (es) with this approach?

When the approach to clixifix was made, we did experience a few difficulties, and this was more down to how good the person was at technology, once explained and a few training sessions were put in place. The system became very straight forward and self-explanatory for all types. There were a few issues regarding ‘how to view certain things’ or ‘how to do this’ but the help was there via email and a response would be made in order to achieve this. All in all there weren’t any major issues there couldn’t be figured out.

4.What are your favourite features with clixifix?

Personally my favourite feature on clixifix, after only using this recently, prior to a training session, is the appointments calendar, this saves a lot of time for our contractors on site, who haven’t necessarily got the time to click on the ticket and view all comments or instructions. The contractor will just view the appointments calendar (which is even more helpful now both contractors can view their personal calendar separately)  and see exactly where they are going, what times they have to be there, and what they have to do at the property. This also corresponds with our diary, so we know exactly what is booked in and what has been cancelled etc. The new feature which allows signatures to be made from our contractors and customers really supports the customer care team, to know exactly what was achieved and also establishes the customer was pleased with the work being completed.

5.Would you recommend clixifix and why?

I would recommend clixifix to companies like Cameron Homes, as it’s the way forward for customer care, it saves a lot of time, and allows every customer care issue to be logged on the computer, regarding phone calls, any comments can be made within that customers plot file, so this really helps when coming to view anything that has happened previously. Also emails, order requisitions, meter readings, photos and customer details can all be logged into one place, which really saves the hassle of trying to find everything when in a rush on the phone. I think it’s a really helpful system and once used correctly and corresponds with contractors who know how to use it too, it makes customer care that little easier.

6 Anything else you would like to add?

I think the way the system is now is useful, there isn’t any features as of now, that I think need adding. From experience in using the system only a short while, I think its works perfectly as long as everyone who is setup on there, is using it to the full advantage. The support contractors is one of a major tasks, but gradually we are training each one of them to become more confident, this also helps refresh our knowledge too.

Chloe Richardson

Customer Care

Cameron Homes

St Judes House, High Street, Chasetown, Staffordshire WS7 3XQ


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