..when we were introduced to clixifix, the cost was not the biggest consideration.

Gus Robinson Developments has built a reputation of delivering projects of exceptional quality and value for money by ensuring we keep foremost in our minds, the most important part of any successful scheme – The Customer.

I have experience of using on-premise software with some large PLC’c, which were quite expensive and required a lot of training for new users.   With clixifix we had no software to download or install, once we decided to roll out the software, we simply created an account and we were up and running in a matter of days, with very little training required.

Since using clixifix with our trusted RP partners, we have received fantastic feedback from them regarding the communication and collaboration on on-going maintenance and repairs. Clixifix promotes the ethos of partnering and the transparency on every reported repair is clear for all to see on the secure shared dashboards. clixifix has provided a platform to work alongside our RP partners to provide real time accurate customer care information for both its customer service team members and most importantly the tenants.

clixifix care as much about Gus Robinson’s customer care as we do

Customer care is fundamental to our strategy here at Gus Robinsons. When I was introduced to clixifix I recognised immediately that this would become an integral part of our business process. I have experience on both sides as a principal contractor and indeed the client and a lack of information when an issue arises leads to real problems.

When I implemented clixifix to our business, I knew the days of searching through email conversations and searching through files for customer care information were long gone. It has enabled us to truly measure our customer care performance, and we are already forging a reputation amongst our RP partners as a top performer on repairs.’’

Stephen Bell, Land and Development Director.

Gus Robinson Developments Ltd, Stranton House, West View Road, Hartlepool.  TS24 0BW