With clixifix you don’t have this problem. It is designed solely for the purpose of looking after your Customer, engaging contractors to be responsible for their issues and to hold relevant information for clients. This could be anything from meter readings to appliance manuals to help cards. clixifix keeps everything in one place and is easily searchable.

The reporting features are great for board reports, client reports and even contractor meetings. These are in the form of graphs and pie charts and are easily downloadable into various file types.

The best of all is, you only pay for open properties and you only start paying for them once the handover date is registered, which means you can add them to the system in readiness.  Once they are out of warranty and archived they drop from the monthly charges.

The development team have worked long and hard to get this system near perfect but they are always open to ideas from people who are using the system to make it even better and because this is done in-house it doesn’t take months and years to bring it on-board.

Alison Carr.

Head of Customer Service.

Galliford Try North

2 Esh Plaza, Sir Bobby Robson Way, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE13 9BA